“Get fix done”

Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Brand Identity

The Strategic Narrative

Vulnerability program managers have one job: get rid of vulnerabilities. To do that, they use incredibly advanced technologies to find them and see which ones matter most. But that’s the thing - the current solutions just say “Here are 20,000 vulnerabilities. Good luck!”, and that’s it. No playbook. No process. No next steps.

Introducing Remediation Orchestration by Vulcan - an entirely new approach to Vulnerability Management. Unlike typical TVM solutions, Remediation Orchestration navigates you through the entire journey, from detection to complete remediation, handing you the tools, technologies, processes, and the automated remediation needed to get fix done.

That way, we won’t just be safe from attacks, we’ll prevent them from ever happening in the first place.

Category Design

Vulcan had a new approach to a well established category -- Vulnerability Management. The challenge was to take the familiar well-known category and to evolve it and upgrade it so it still holds a familiar quality while making it feel new and fresh to reflect Vulcan's approach.

And then came Remediation Orchestration which uses the hook, 'remediation', which is well known in the world of cyber and adds to it 'orchestration' which is the new discipline Vulcan is introducing to the world.

After the positioning, Vulcan really started owning the remediation part and were well known for that. They then evolved their platform beyond just vulnerabilities to things like app security and cloud capabilities. So they came to us for another category upgrade. And that's where we landed on Risk Remediation. An overarching approach that encompasses all types of risks.

Remediation Orchestration

The Visual Narrative

Vulcan helps organizations prioritize their vulnerabilities, suggests the fixes needed to eliminate these vulnerabilities, and automatically distributes these fixes as direct tasks to the people who need to handle them. As such, their visual language has been designed to illustrate these significant steps. Vulnerabilities of different importance are represented by several scattered Vs of different sizes, which indicates their priority. The different suggested fixes that Vulcan proposes are represented as colored cubes that fill in the inside of the V.

The last step of automated distribution of these tasks to the right people is then represented by the Vs moving towards 4 different directions on a square panel, which represents Vulcan's platform. The 4 main teams responsible for handling these fixes that have been represented on the Vulcan platform are: DevOps, Security & Compliance, Engineering, and Operations.

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Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Brand Identity