“Seize the Moment of Want”

Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Brand Identity

The Strategic Narrative

The most precious moment for any retailer is when someone says “That! I want that!”
But these special “Moments of Want” don’t just take place in stores. They happen throughout our digital lives - a cute dress in an Instagram post or a friend’s stunning necklace at a party--and they rarely end in “buy”.

So instead of walking away satisfied, potential customers lose interest and move on with their day, letting the moment and the sale opportunity slip away.

With Syte, this enormous potential becomes reality. Built for the visual era, Syte’s discovery platform helps brands transform these countless moments of want into a continuous stream of sales. Now, today’s visually-driven shoppers can discover products in ways that come most naturally to them, and instantly see incredibly accurate, personalized results right before their eyes.

No more missed opportunities. No more disappointed shoppers.
With Syte, brands seize these priceless moments of want and take full advantage of every single opportunity.

“We came to Atreo and said 'we have the first camera search capability' but that wasn't enough for us, and Atreo really helped us build and define a new category around all of the capabilities we have."
Lihi Pinto Fryman, CRO & Co Founder, Syte

Category Design

Before coming to us, Syte coined the category Visual Search. This was very limiting on its own. So the move here was to change the category from a tool to an entirely new approach. Now Syte is pioneering Product Discovery. So brands empower shoppers to discover products in the same way they live their life -- instantly, intuitively, visually.

Product Discovery
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“I knew that when we go and we do our branding, we will choose the best. So, we came to you.”
Lihi Pinto-Fryman, Co-Founder and CEO

The Visual Narrative

Syte’s visual story is comprised of the different shapes that make up their logo.
Syte’s logo is composed of 2 mirroring shapes that are joined together creating an overlap in the middle. The shape of the middle overlap represents the coming together of retailers and their customers. In addition, the visual story incorporates crisp, high quality images that showcase the different industries.

Creative Work




Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Brand Identity