“ML. The Pioneer Way”

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The Strategic Narrative

Today, ML is literally everywhere we look. From e-Commerce and streaming services to banking and insurance. It's starting to not sound cool anymore. But luckily things are changing. Sure, there are still many who use ML as an 'add-on'... for recommending binge-worthy shows, or creating personalized shoe sales. Which is nice. For them.

But then there's us – using ML as the very core of what we do. From aiding in nature conservation to creating autonomous transportation. Pretty big stuff.

So not to toot our own horn, but we are the ML Pioneers. Asking questions no one ever thought to ask a machine. Taking ML to completely new frontiers, and changing the world along the way.

So yes, the way we work is way more complex.

Yet the way ML is being done today? It's holding us back. Instead of innovating we end up…

Manually spinning up machine after machine, so we run only 20 experiments versus the 2,000 we need. Giving us results we can't trust.

Rebuilding everything over and over again every time a cool new model or tool rolls out, or when we switch to a different cloud. So creating something sustainable? Yeah we're lucky if it lasts a month.

Oh and don't even ask about the wild goose chase we go on just to continue what a former employee started.

It's madness that we, of all people, are still working this way.

Enter Valohai – the MLOps platform purpose-built for ML Pioneers.

With Valohai 's Smart Orchestration, you run models thousands of times – at the click of a button. So you finally create enough data to trust your results, even while you're fast asleep. Pretty cool, right?

And Valohai's Developer Core allows you to integrate with any tool from monitoring to optimization, so you use the tools you love and build things to last.

And since changing the world takes a little more than one person, Valohai's Knowledge Repository allows teams to easily collaborate on anything from models to metrics. Constantly storing and versioning it all – making reproducibility a given.

Alas, the time has come to say goodbye to this broken, annoying way of doing ML. It's been a fun ride (actually, it hasn't). Now us ML Pioneers finally have one platform that just makes sense.

A solution that instead of holding us down says, “I've got your back, go focus on the big things”. That empowers us to build faster and deliver stronger products to the world.

To push the boundaries of what anyone out there ever dreamed we could do with ML.

Valohai – ML. The Pioneer Way.

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Category Design

Aquant gathers all your service data, analyzes it using Service AI, and gives service leaders, technicians and agents the critical info they need, exactly when they need it.

The category move was simple but effective – we needed to bring the new 'gospel' of intelligence to the legacy market of field service.

We called this Service Intelligence.

Service Intelligence
Eero Laaksonen, CEO
“I've been involved in many strategic processes throughout my career and have never seen anything like Atreo. Their specialization in startups really shows up and is unique in the market. 5 stars overall.”
Eero Laaksonen, CEO

The Visual Narrative

In an empty desert, ML pioneers ride Valohai’s digital sharks. The sharks are powered by the platform machine inside them as they take ML to new frontiers.

Wherever they ride, they leave a lush contrail of strange and beautiful gardens, nourished by magical data. The garden symbolizes the outcome of Valohai’s platform: world-bettering products.




Strategic Narrative, Messaging, Visual Identity, Brand Advertising