“The Moments That Make the Surgeon”

Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Brand Identity

The Strategic Narrative

All surgeries, no matter how long or complex, are defined by a handful of critical moments. Moments where vital, split-second decisions determine whether surgery succeeds, or doesn’t.

Yet, the very foundation of surgery, the apprenticeship model, is preventing this from happening. In today’s reality, trainees receive only limited performance feedback, with even the most skilled surgeons rarely getting to review their own surgical moments, let alone those from other procedures.

Introducing Surgical Intelligence - a whole new solution by Theator that places the defining surgical moments in the hands of surgeons so they can continuously perfect their craft. The Surgical Intelligence platform captures video of real-world operations and then uses visual AI to extract and analyze every key moment, giving surgeons unprecedented insight into how to perfect their individual skills and overall performance.

Category Design

Theator created an entirely new and innovative solution. We needed to create a category that would do two things. One, to communicate this new concept in a familiar way. Two, to build an exciting new and fresh story around it. Enter Surgical Intelligence. This combines the field Theator is in, as well as the new value they provide -- which comes from the entirely different field of tech. Shortly after launch, the industry already started to pick up on the trend and started using Surgical Intelligence to describe other adjacent products.

Surgical Intelligence

The Visual Narrative

The visual story is presented through illustrations of young surgeons. These illustrations have been created using Theator’s main color palette, that emphasize the blue and green colors associated with the scrub-uniform. The visual story also references the incomplete “O” in Theator’s logo, which represents Theator’s platform that enables surgeons to focus on the most important parts of their procedures.

This incomplete “O” rotates along a timeline of a recorded surgery, signifying specific points of focus that matter most. The glowing waved streaks and dotted lines in the background represent Theator’s advanced AI technology that powers their extensive platform capabilities.

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Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Brand Identity