“Get IT Done.”

Strategic Narrative , Category Design, Messaging, Brand Identity

The Strategic Narrative

We all know that technology helps organizations grow. But the growth we’ve seen in recent years is something else entirely. Entire industries living in the cloud, mobile everything, the explosion of the gig economy.

We got so good at scaling up our companies that they actually outgrew us. So with no way to keep up ourselves, we built something to keep up for us - automation. Every area of our business learned to live by one simple truth - automate or die. But somehow, IT Service Management didn’t get the automation memo. No smart workflows. No superhuman anything.

The transformation IT has desperately needed is finally here. Introducing a whole new approach by SysAid called Service Automation. Service Automation uses sophisticated AI, built from a decade of real usage data of over 4,000 organizations to allow IT experts to effortlessly control all aspects of IT service management.

Now, instead of slowing things down, IT powers the bold new innovations that drive organizations forward.

"Atreo got what we were about. I was very impressed with their ability to understand, reflect and debate with our team as if they were working in our industry for a while."
Sarah Lahav, CEO

Category Design

SysAid came to us in an over-crowded, mature and well established market of IT Service Management. In order to stand out amongst the noise we needed to find a unique capability that was extremely valuable to the champion, help desk managers, and really bring it out in the branding. We discovered two things, the first being that the most important thing to our champion is getting stuff done because they're always drowning in tasks. The second is that automation is one of the features their current customers are most excited about -- yet no one owned it in this space. So Service Automation was born, to combine the existing world of service with the promise of automated everything.

Service Automation
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“Atreo shed light on something we didn't know we have - what the category is going to be.”
Sarah Lahav, CEO

The Visual Narrative

SysAid automates the bulk of your service desk work, so you can finally meet the unreasonable demands, and go home without suffering from a panic attack. These themes are captured in a vivid visual story centering around 3D birds that represent SysAid’s secret ingredient - your special helper. Each bird represents a different level of the service automation process. Each bird has some of SysAid’s “intelligence” displayed throughout.

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Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Brand Identity