Red Points

“Take back your revenue”

Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Messaging, Visual Identity

The Strategic Narrative

Revenue is our domain. We love it. We work hard, optimizing and maximizing, exploring every last revenue generation opportunity out there. And as everything moves more and more towards digital, we know there’s always more to bring in and new avenues to explore.

That’s why we invest in a tech stack – to stay on the ball and make sure we don’t miss a thing. From top funnel revenue acceleration to bottom funnel revenue intelligence, we want to get as much out of our funnel as possible.

But we’ve been so focused on what’s going on inside the funnel, that we’ve overlooked everything outside of it. Revenue that should have been in our funnel but somehow never got there. Revenue that’s been stolen from us long before it even appears on our radar.

Counterfeiters selling fakes under our name.
Websites and profiles impersonating our brand.
Even unauthorized sellers are eroding our distribution networks.

Because, after all, if it's our name and our product, it's our revenue.

Enough is enough. It’s time to get our revenue back.

Introducing Revenue Recovery, powered by Red Points. Red Points’ Revenue Recovery Platform tracks down all phantom competitors stealing your revenue.

Fakes? Knockoffs? Scams? Red Points finds them and automatically takes them down for you. Recovering the revenue that should have been yours in the first place.

Revenue Recovery is the missing piece of the revenue stack – the piece that works outside the funnel, that focuses on what’s draining revenue before it even gets to the funnel.

It’s a new frontier, but it's been there all along. And now you’re finally able to take advantage of what’s always been right there in front of you.

And the knock-on consequences on your revenue just keep getting better. Watch the multiplier effect enhance your brand equity and customer experience. Redirecting more revenue into the funnel, deeper and deeper ‘til it hits your bottom line. It’s time to take back what’s rightfully yours.

Red Points: Take back your revenue


Category Design

Previously, the impact of phantom competitors on a brand has been a matter for legal teams, concerned with brand protection. Never before has the impact of phantom competitors been placed so firmly in the minds and hands of the Chief Revenue Officer, and associated with the bottom line.

We wanted to shift the focus of the phantom competitor story from qualitative brand protection to quantifiable sales and revenue collection.

We called this Revenue Recovery.

‘Recovery’ specifically speaks to a key motivator for audiences – loss aversion – and entices them to act and take back what is rightfully theirs.

Digital Revenue Recovery

The Visual Narrative

The visual narrative tells the story of businesses all over the world. Represented by hot air balloons, true brands are full of potential to soar high, but are weighed down and held back by phantom competitors, by the revenue that is being stolen from them. This is visually represented in the form of rocks attached to the balloons, adding physical weight to them.

Red Points’ magic finds the phantom competitors and breaks down their bonds, allowing true brands to take back revenue and soar above the competitors.

The logo nods to the ongoing battle between true brands, and phantom competitors. Composed of two arrows going in opposite directions, the brighter, stronger, upwards-facing arrow represents Red Points – overcoming challenges to send brands soaring higher.




Strategic Narrative, Positioning, Category Design, Messaging, Visual Identity, Campaign