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“Continues Product Design”

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The Strategic Narrative

Making today’s customers happy is much harder than it used to be. With maximum choice and minimum patience, customers expect products to meet their specific needs, and experiences to be silky smooth. To pull this off, companies must relentlessly design, deliver, and iterate on their products, continuously turning customer input into additional features and more enjoyable product experiences.

Instead, products are defined using vague or incomplete information, customer input is scattered throughout the organization, internal teams aren’t on the same page, and there’s no quantifiable way to prioritize which features and bugs to address first. With no system for continuously designing, iterating, and perfecting products, there’s simply no way to build products that customers will keep choosing over everything else.

Quantum Metric introduces a whole new approach called Continuous Product Design - A user-defined, quantified method for continuously perfecting digital products. Continuous Product Design expands the DevOps approach to include the entire product lifecycle, connecting the product design and ideation process with customer behavior and input, so organizations understand exactly where and how to optimize their products. Now, teams remain fully aligned, products release faster and more efficiently, and companies deliver exactly what their customers want.

Category Design

Quantum Metric came to us when their category was focused on "customer experience". A relevant, but overcrowded category name. What we realized is that their true differentiation lies elsewhere, in their ability to spot and improve critical parts of digital products - to make them continuously better.

That's how "Continuous Product Design" was born. A whole new category & story that highlights how the DevOps cycle we're all so familiar with, is missing a critical piece. The piece that monitors customer interaction, and continuously improves the product based on it.

The rest is history. Mario Ciabarra, Quantum Metric's CEO, and Efrat Ravid, their CMO took this category and flew to the moon. Quantum Metric has raised an unbelievable ~$210m series B and became 2021's first unicorn globally.

Continuous Product Design
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"Atreo simply understood our technology, they understood our vision, and they were not willing to settle for anything but perfection"
Mario Ciabarra, Founder and CEO

The Visual Narrative

The visual story presents the platform that makes up an abstracted "Q" - taken from the Quantum Metric logo mark. In the center of the platform are the organizations using the platform - with all team members aligned and working together. The branches coming out of the center represent the organization's different digital products.

Creative Work




Strategic Narrative, Offering Structure, Messaging, Brand Identity