“Not All Leads Are Created Equal”

Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Messaging, Visual Identity

The Strategic Narrative

Leads are the lifeblood of our business, the fuel that drives us, the edge over the competition. Problem is, today we just ballpark what we think leads are worth.
Maybe one or two pay off but the rest? Duds.

We know not all leads are created equal. Some are better than others.
The problem is we don’t know which ones are which.

But how are we okay being in the dark when it comes to something as vital as leads?

Sure, we qualify leads. Getting the most basic idea of whether they’re worth anything at all. But what good is that if we have no way to quantify them? No way to answer the most simple, fundamental question: What are leads truly worth?

Enter Lead Quantification, powered by PX.

PX integrates with marketing systems and collects disposition data across the full lifespan of a lead, analyzing true lead performance over time. PX makes quantification a reality. You see exactly what to bid to maximize returns and immediately place it through the platform.

Now marketing teams finally know the true value of leads, so they get the right leads for the right price. Every. Single. Time.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Imagine putting lead acquisition on autopilot. Just telling the platform what you’re looking for, and letting it do the rest – sourcing leads at the best price possible, and then doing the bidding and buying for you too. So while everyone else is still ballparking at a fixed price, you’re soaring.

PX: Not All Leads Are Created Equal

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Category Design

Lead Qualification. It does what it says on the tin, categorizing leads as ‘qualified’ or ‘unqualified’.

All well and good, but the industry has evolved. We live in a non-binary world, so why do we continue to settle for binary ‘yes’ / ‘no’, ‘good’ / ‘bad’ solutions?

PX goes beyond the standard, binary, qualification approach, using intelligent data to analyze true lead performance and value over time. We wanted to own this evolution of the Lead Qualification category.

We called this Lead Quantification and it’s opening the door to a whole new era of lead acquisition.

Lead Quantification

The Visual Narrative

PX solves the most important equation in the sales and marketing world –
“Are we getting what we paid for?”

Just as the PX Lead Quantification platform reflects the true value of a lead, the visual narrative for the brand does the same.

The universal symbol for the unknown, X, is at the heart of the visual story.
Multiple different textures represent the different types of data that go into quantifying lead value.

The PX platform is represented by a mirror stage that reflects the true essence and value of what it is presenting – discovering and uncovering the answer to the most fundamental question we have: What are leads truly worth?




Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Visual Identity