“Bring Your Merchandise to Life“

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The Strategic Narrative

Truly disruptive technologies are rarer than unicorns. So we knew we were lucky when we met Nexite. They’re completely changing the entire retail game, and doing it all with a tiny little chip.

Today, fashion retailers are completely disconnected from their own merchandise. No clue what people like, what people try and what’s on the shelves.

Then comes Nexite and like magic their merchandise comes to life. Size 34 jeans tell you “Hey, I’m all alone on the shelf! Bring friends!” V-neck sweaters saying “You know, I was tried on 27 times today. Maybe I deserve a shot at the front of the store.”

And just imagine retail outside the store. Smart closets reminding customers they already wore that dress 3 dates ago? Or suggesting which pants might actually go with that ridiculous sweater Nana gave you.

We call it Connected Merchandise, and it’s bringing merchandise to life.

“They created a brand that people can follow, that can get the market excited about the future.”
Anat Shakedd, CEO & Co-Founder

Category Design

The world started to move to virtual merchandise, but when it came to physical pieces there was nothing to quantify them.

Nexite uses a tiny chip to track each piece of retail merchandise throughout the supply chain - and is the first of its kind. Problem was, their proven prototype promised so much, retailers couldn’t believe it worked.

We coined the category Connected Merchandise, then showed retailers how it brings their merchandise to life. Now socks are shelf aware and jeans put themselves on sale.

Connected Merchandise
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“I would recommend any technology company that wants to build a larger-than-life category to work with Atreo”
Anat Shakedd, CEO & Co-Founder

The Visual Narrative

Nexite’s Connected Merchandise transforms passive products into active communicators, automatically sending retailers a continuous stream of real-time data about their merchandise to deliver game changing retail experiences. Nexite: Bring Your Merchandise to Life. As such, their visual story shows different products that break into small data particles that represent that data that, thanks to Nexite, comes to life and makes its way to retailers to let them know the status on each item from manufacturing up until these items reach the customer's wardrobe.

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Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Brand Identity, Brand Advertising