“Release Fast or Die”

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The Strategic Narrative

Software is eating the world – any company has become a software company. The main fight between Pizza Hut and Dominos Pizza these days isn’t about who has better pizza, but who has the better app. The software arms race is on.

But software is only ever as good as it is updated. Releasing software at the pace required today has become a life or death requirement for any organization.

Enter: Continuous Software Release, by JFrog – a new way to release software.

From managing the artifacts, through to scanning them for security vulnerabilities and actually sending them to all edge devices, we imagine a world where software runs like water. Seamlessly traversing through the pipes of the internet.

So now there’s never an outdated software version, there’s only ever one version – the most up to date version.

JFrog – Imagine there’s no version.

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“I highly recommend Atreo and I will take them next to me on every battle that I will go to”
Shlomi Ben Haim, CEO & Co-Founder, JFrog
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"Atreo understood the technology as if they were one of the developers at JFrog."
Shlomi Ben Haim, Co-Founder and CEO

The Visual Narrative

JFrog is a B2D company. Selling to developers is complex. Developers are extremely smart, skeptical and sensitive to marketing fluff.

Making big claims like “Release Fast or Die” wasn’t enough. It had to be backed up with a solid reason-to-believe – developers care about the HOW. For this reason we created the JFrog Platform; an imaginary world – a “software release factory” – showing how we help developers to release software faster. The JFrog Platform acted as a visual representation of the end-to-end production line, handling all aspects of the software release from a single platform.

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