“Bring Your Data Science to Life”

Strategic Narrative, Offering Structure, Messaging, Brand Identity

The Strategic Narrative

It’s just too hard for data science leaders to make real business impact. There has to be a better way. Because every stop along the way, there are constant setbacks.

First teams spend countless hours getting all the data to work together. Then, once the models are tested, trained, and prepared for deployment, more trouble starts.  Some datasets become unreachable and are removed. Others need to be translated for a production environment, reducing their effectiveness.  In the end, these creations either lose their magic, or never see the light of day.

Iguazio’s Data Science Platform was built to bring your data science creations to life. By allowing data science leaders to seamlessly collect data, explore, and build directly inside a production-like environment. With Iguazio, innovative ideas are seamlessly implemented into business applications just as designed, and the entire team’s  efforts become celebrated accomplishments.

The Visual Narrative

Iguazio's visual story supports the following promise: Bringing data science to life. In order to depict this, the imagery developed represents young data scientists working in real-life environments that may be affected by data science, like a financial district, an airport control tower, an assembly line or any other place where machine learning can solve a business problem. Flying around are data models deployed to life. Showing data scientists with models in the environment they are trying to improve shows the fast and direct impact of their work on the real world.

Creative Work




Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Messaging, Visual Identity