“The Revenue Intelligence Platform”

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The Strategic Narrative

What really drives sales? That’s a question driving sales teams around the world nuts.

That’s because sales processes have always been a black box. On one end, you see your sales team hustling and bustling. On the other end, you see some deals won and some lost. Why? You can only guess. Was it pricing? Wrong positioning vs. the competition? Or maybe it was just your sales rep talking too much…(sigh).

The link between sales conversations and sales outcomes remains a mystery. That is, until now.

Just like the concept of flight could only be grasped and mastered when the science of aerodynamics came along, we needed to wait for science in order to ace sales.

Well, that science is Gong, and it’s busting open the black box of sales.


Facts over opinions: No more fractions of the story based on hearsay. Gong analyzes 100% of sales conversations – both spoken and written. So you get the full and indisputable truth.

AI over guesswork: No more hunches. Gong applies AI to uncover what makes conversations convert. You now have the code to win every conversation.

Gong – Rock-it Science

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"If you're in tech marketing, Iooking to brand your company, I definitely recommend you work with Atreo."
Udi Ledergor, CMO, Gong
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“With Atreo's help we articulated who we are, who we already were, it allowed us to shine in a way that we could never have achieved alone”
Udi Ledergor, CMO

The Visual Narrative

Traditionally B2B tech brands were very ‘cold’ and boring – focusing on features and functions, and all looking exactly the same with ‘tech-blue’ branding.

Gong was no different. Their visual identity was technical; illustrating the function of the old ‘conversation intelligence’ category by literally showing a conversation and the intelligence associated with it.

We set out on the journey of building the Gong visual narrative with a clear goal in mind: create the coolest, most inspiring B2B brand to date.

We wanted to do something completely different. We realized that although Gong is a heavily and intelligently engineered platform, our audience (Sales Leaders) were not interested in the tech or the AI. We needed to create a visual identity that spoke to them on an emotional level, using the technical aspect of the brand as the secondary reason to believe.

Simple but true – sales teams want to win. It was vital to capture this essence in the visual narrative; creating a brand that feels like winning.

Creative Work




Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Brand Identity, Brand Advertising