“The Anything Workforce”

Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Visual Identity

The Strategic Narrative

The world of work is constantly moving, expanding, evolving.

Yet, today’s organizations aren’t. Because the way they’re set up limits their people to just one thing. One title. One skillset. One boss. One department. Which is why enterprises take forever to adapt to new market conditions, shift strategic directions, or launch innovative projects. And the employees themselves? They’ve got no clear path towards their career goals.

Gloat turns your onething workforce into the anything workforce.

Now businesses move like a startup and work like an enterprise - all while giving their employees the freedom and ability to grow and thrive within the organization.

Category Design

Gloat had already pioneered the Talent Marketplace years before they came to us. But competition in the space started to rise - making it impossible to stand out.

While everyone was fighting over the Talent Marketplace, no one was owning the one thing that gave rise to it, that everyone was really after. Agility.

Gloat needed a bigger message. So the move was to talk about a much bigger story instead of talking about a specific feature.

With that, we coined Workforce Agility to give speed and movement to the Anything Workforce, and its need to adapt and change at any given moment.

Workforce Agility

The Visual Narrative

Gloat’s visual brand metaphor is that of a constantly flowing and evolving “Force”. It brings to life the exciting new possibilities Gloat opens up for creating a workforce that’s truly capable of anything. At the heart of Gloat’s visual identity is the dynamic, fluid “Force”. It swirls and flows without boundaries, evoking the limitless potential Gloat brings to the modern enterprise.

Creative Work




Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Brand Identity

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