“Create Beyond Your Data Limitations”

Strategic Narrative, Messaging, Visual Identity

The Strategic Narrative

Data might be in our title, but we're creatives at heart.

Building powerful predictive models. Dreaming up game-changing solutions. That’s why we got into data in the first place.

Which is why it’s crazy that today, the creative process always starts with hunting for data. Because no matter what we’d want to build, the data we have on hand’s not enough.

So we go out into the wide world of external data – combing through giant data sets one by one – trying to piece together all the separate signals we need.

And even if we do collect all the data, it’s still not enough. Because finding the raw data is just the start. To actually get value from it, we'd need to combine and transform all these signals into a shape and form tailored to what we’re trying to build.

Could it be that this entire data process we've built is completely upside down? That, instead of starting with what we want to build and making our data follow, we start with the data we happen to find, and allow its limitations to dictate what we can and can’t create.

How did we get here? How did we lose sight of the most important thing – the creativity – and let ourselves get caught up in the data?

There’s got to be a better way.

Introducing Explorium – Create Beyond Your Data Limitations.

Explorium completely flips the data equation on its head. It empowers Data Creatives to automatically discover all relevant data sources – then combine, fuse and transform them to build the solution they’re dreaming of.

Based on what you want to create, Explorium instantly pulls exactly the right data by analyzing countless data sources in context.

It then allows transformation and refinement of data into a singularly perfect recipe. Balancing all the data signals with the ideal weights and logic to yield the best result.

And with the right recipe at your disposal, you can easily feed it into any data model, or use it for simpler business analysis. So you move forward with confidence, knowing the solution you’ve built is powered by purpose-built ML and backed by its optimal data feed.

Now, all the data barriers to creation disappear.

Instead of data dictating your creativity, it powers exploration and discovery.

Instead of spending your creative energy trying to track down and prepare the data, you let your imagination run wild, pursuing bold, original, exciting new ideas.

Instead of asking what’s possible, you dream up things that were never possible before.

Finally, data lives up to its true creative potential.
And empowers Data Creatives like us to truly live up to ours.

Explorium – Create Beyond Your Data Limitations.

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The Visual Narrative

Piecing together data can be a limitless puzzle. You know the information can and should fit together to tell a story but where do you start? How do you achieve the outcome you want?

Explorium’s visual identity takes inspiration from the tangram puzzle – a geometric puzzle consisting of various pieces, in different colors and sizes. Much like data, the tangram puzzle can be arranged in infinite ways.

It was the perfect analogy for Explorium.

By equating the puzzle pieces of a tangram to data, Explorium’s visual narrative reflects the company's purpose and benefit – no matter the idea users come up with, Explorium has the data and formula to bring it to life, in the right way.

The logo's concept was inspired by the classic depiction of a tangram bird. One of the popular solutions of the puzzle, it connects beautifully to Explorium’s name; exploring copious amounts of data, of which the sky's the limit.




Strategic Narrative, Messaging, Visual Identity