“Open options for all”

Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Messaging, Visual Identity

The Strategic Narrative

So you’ve got stock options.
You joined a company on the rise. Put in your coffee-filled mornings and hackathon-filled evenings. And you can almost taste the financial freedom – the two-floor penthouse, the family vacations, the next-level living you’ve been killing yourself for.

Hold that thought. We hate to be the ones to tell you this, but these options you’re dreaming of – you’ll probably never see them.

Everyone talks about how options can literally change your life, but no one mentions the completely messed up system that comes along with them.

To even think of getting any value from your options, you have to exercise them first. Which means handing over your entire bank account, or more, just to own them. What are the chances it pays off? How big (or small) will the return be? Sorry – no clue. And to add to the fun – the process is such a confusing nightmare, it feels more like taking out a mortgage than collecting your compensation. Which is why most people give up and walk away from the single biggest opportunity of their entire lives.

Ladies and gentlemen, employee stock options!
How is this possible?!? How is it that you need to empty your life savings just to get something you’ve already earned?! How is your biggest break also the worst financial gamble on earth? How is something meant to open a new, amazing chapter in life completely closed to the very people they’re meant for?

It’s not just unfair. It’s freaking insane. And it needs to be fixed. ASAP.

Call us crazy, but we think employees have the right to enjoy the options that are given to them. That options should be built to serve the very people they are meant for. That this life-changing opportunity should be open to whoever earned it.

We’re Equitybee, and we’re making options open.

Opening up options means opening up their full value, by giving you the funding from outside investors needed to own them now. No more risking it all just to get what’s already yours.

Opening up options means having terms that are open, fair, and fully transparent - so you can navigate each step of the process with confidence.

And most importantly – opening up options means you no longer have to throw away the golden ticket to a better life, just because the rules weren’t fair.

With your options open, your future is suddenly wide open too.

Equitybee – Open Options for All

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Category Design

Equitybee is pioneering an entirely new movement, and they needed a category to go along with it. One that would sit at the very core of the brand, and rally everyone around it.

Introducing Open Options.

As a category, Open Options creates the equivalent of a tech civil movement. Going after what's right, with a clear agenda, and seamlessly weaving itself into the company manifesto to elevate it even higher.

Open Options

The Visual Narrative

The circular O with illustrated letter “P” inside represents options in a way that is not financial or monetary. These illustrated forms flow freely, visualizing the opening of options in an abstract and organic way. The movement of them imparts the feeling that something outside the frame is opening, releasing many of these options towards the employee.

Illustrations within the visual narrative depict the employee experience with options before and after Equitybee. Where options used to be trapped in the broken system, with Equitybee they are finally open.

Further illustrations show investors riding the upward trend line of a graph, accompanied by open options, signifying the brand new opportunities Equitybee opens for them.




Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Messaging, Visual Identity