“More Care. Less Ops.”

Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Messaging, Visual Identity

The Strategic Narrative

Today, more people than ever are speaking publicly about their mental health. It’s no longer taboo. It’s embraced. This cultural shift unleashed a tsunami of people seeking help onto an already struggling system.

For healthcare professionals, compromising on care is not an option. But as more people pour in, more operations pile up.

We can’t compromise on these key care-related ops either, but something’s got to give. Because these ops swallow every waking hour clinicians have. Putting impossible pressure on them, on providers, on networks and on the entire care system. Things can’t go on like this.

Ops are essential. They keep care consistent and ensure we get paid. But we can’t let them get in the way of what matters most. The thing the world needs now more than ever. Providing the care that everybody deserves.

Introducing CareOps Automation, powered by Eleos.

Eleos takes care of CareOps. Its fully integrated and automated platform covers the entire care workflow. Always there by clinicians’ side, it clears the way for them to provide better care.

Now clinicians are free from red tape.
Free to spend more time on people.
Free to focus more on treatment.
Free to care.
When clinicians are free, everything changes.

Suddenly, notes are clinically detailed. Session summaries come instantly. Supervision becomes simple. And claw backs become a thing of the past.

Turnover turns into retention. Treatment becomes trackable.
Care becomes quantifiable.
The care we want to provide becomes the care we actually deliver.

Eleos: More Care. Less Ops.

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Category Design

We wanted to acknowledge that ‘care’ is made of two halves: Care and Ops. Ops take a lot of time away from clinicians and impact their ability and capacity to deliver care. This impact is responsible for a lot of clinician burnout.

While the clinicians and care can’t be replaced, the ops can.

We called this CareOps Automation and it’s leading the way to alleviate the operational aspects that go into psychological care.


The Visual Narrative

Eleos’ visual narrative champions the clinician and centers around creating pockets of calm in the noisy, chaotic, bureaucratic world. This is represented by the vibrant color in the middle of the text patterned background.

Clinicians are showcased with their head above the parapet and space to focus on delivering what is most important – care.




Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Messaging, Visual Identity