“Your Care. Your Way.”

Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Visual Identity

The Strategic Narrative

Remember relying on travel agents for booking? Or actually going into the bank for banking? Of course not. Those processes all got digitized, giving people the power to do most things themselves. And with services no longer tied to a single time and place, they could be delivered to anyone, anywhere.

But while digital opened huge possibilities for everything from travel to banking, one industry got left behind. Perhaps the most important one of all. Healthcare.

We were sold the promise of digital breakthroughs like EMRs. But in reality they just ended up giving us more work, not less. And while we’ve witnessed pilot after pilot of supposedly game-changing RPMs, they’ve never quite panned out in practice.

Why? Because all these solutions were purpose-built for precisely one or two things, with zero flexibility. They’re hard-coded with other people’s notions about care.

The RPMs we do have? They monitor. They send alerts. And that’s pretty much it. We’re stuck with a mess of narrowly focused, rigid solutions we can’t do anything about.

No wonder all the opportunities of a digital future have been closed off to healthcare. The very solutions we’ve been given have been closed themselves.

It’s time to change that.

It’s time for Open Care, powered by Datos

Datos replaces today’s pre-built, pre-set remote care solutions with a powerful open platform: one single solution to customize digital care programs your way.

Now patients are empowered to manage parts of their care journey themselves by following your automated care protocols. Freeing up clinicians’ time to focus on what matters and practice top of license.

But this is only the beginning.

Open care unlocks a constant stream of health data that power and informs the next generation of care protocols. Today’s data fuels tomorrow’s protocols.

Datos: Your Care. Your Way.

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Category Design

Black box solutions are now a thing of the past. The old way of doing things.

Datos lets you have it all with a flexible design studio to fine-tune your care programs. Either do it yourself or leverage protocols from leading healthcare organizations and make them your own, only better.

It’s all instantly translated into patient applications that make assisted self-care a reality. A reality that works on any device. Assisted self-care. Automated.

We called this Open Care.

Open Care

The Visual Narrative

The visual narrative brings the story of Open Care to life. It focuses on empowering clinicians to create limitless care programs. The dynamic tiles break free and transform the space around them, accommodating the clinician’s needs and selections, and transforming the space around them into customized open care rooms.

Color variants represent the sub-brands and different interactions with the product:

Purple: The clinician's point of view and the ability to customize care programs swiftly and effectively

Coral: One of two sub-brand palettes, representing the patient’s point of view and their interaction with the patient app. The transformation is from home to clinic.

Blue: The second of two sub-brand palettes, representing the design studio and the clinician’s selections of the care programs - tailor-made to fit any and every need, no code necessary, at the touch of a button.




Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Visual Identity