“Bringing Justice to Light”

Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Messaging, Visual Identity

The Strategic Narrative

We live in the age of democratization. It's happening in every industry.
Radical redistribution of power, which now comes not in the form of money, rather in the form of knowledge. And what's driving it all? Data.

What search engines did to information. What open source did to software. What crypto did to finance.

They all set data and truth free. For everyone. Finally leveling the playing field. Inspiring a change bigger than anyone could have dreamed.

But this data revolution has left one vital institution behind. The justice system. The very pillar upholding our basic human rights.
Just think. Without justice, what does software or finance even matter?

And it's no secret our system is broken. Every day countless violations take place, from cancer causing air pollution to data breaches endangering sensitive information to defective medications causing irreversible damage.

But it's near impossible to find them in the sea of data. Let alone build a case around them. So injustice goes unanswered – the data is all there, but we're left lost. Looking through headlines. Filtering online groups. Believing we actually have the power to find everything out there. Well, that's not going to cut it anymore.

We’re dealing with a systematic imbalance of power – where moneyforce speaks louder than truth.

There has to be a better way.

Introducing Justice Intelligence by Darrow.

Justice Intelligence democratizes justice by making violation data available to everyone. Empowering attorneys to find every violation out there – and solve it.

Darrow's Justice Intelligence Platform detects and uncovers violations, connects the dots in the legal context, and calculates the financial value of each case. So legal practitioners have everything they need to build the strongest cases, and evaluate the financials before jumping into costly litigation.
Finally giving the justice community the power to make law around one single source of truth – the data.

Listen. Violations will never stop. In fact, in a world of such constant change, ways of doing wrong will only increase.

What we must do is restore trust in the justice community. So justice is no longer fueled by power, but driven by data.

A world where everyone knows the price of injustice. And there's nowhere to hide from paying that price.

Where democracy enforces its own rules. Holding corporations accountable, and giving them every incentive to do right. And giving back the people their basic human rights.

This is a world without injustice. Where justice is always served.

Clarence Darrow said it himself – “Justice has nothing to do with what goes on in a courtroom; Justice is what comes out of a courtroom.”

This is the new era of justice.

This is Darrow – Bringing justice to light.

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Category Design

When we met Darrow they were swimming in a blue ocean –  not a competitor in sight. But they were talking to lawyers about complicated technology.

We needed a category that would tie what lawyers are fighting for, with the powerful technology that Darrow harnesses.

We called this Justice Intelligence.

Justice Intelligence

The Visual Narrative

Injustice is hidden everywhere. At the heart of Darrow’s visual narrative is a city built of abstract buildings. The buildings have words of ‘justice’ written on them. However, the city is in the dark and the words remain in the shadows, not reaching their full potential.

Darrow's Justice Intelligence Platform is represented by a torch carried by a lawyer, who runs with a sense of purpose. The fire from Darrow’s torch pours light on the city, making it brighter, revealing the words. This symbolizes the concept of bringing justice to light.

This story is further reflected in the logo – the letter D projects a beam of light across the remaining letters, with the gradient of the light creating contrast between dark and bright.




Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Messaging, Brand Identity, Brand Advertising