“Shape the Future of Quantum Software”

Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Brand Identity

The Strategic Narrative

Quantum computers are the future of humanity. They have the power to find new molecules that could cure cancer, or discover new materials that could help us colonize Mars.

Many people talk about how amazing they are, but few know this - they are nothing like regular computers. Before building, testing, or analyzing novel ideas, they must be converted into the gate-level circuits that quantum computers understand.

Quantum Algorithm Design, by Classiq, automatically translates human-defined concepts into valid quantum circuits,  giving engineers the most basic elements needed to produce quantum algorithms without needing to manually manipulate each circuit themselves, gate by gate.

Welcome to the next evolution of quantum software development - where you can  design, test, analyze, and materialize any quantum idea. To take full advantage of its powerful technology to unlock the ideas inside the greatest minds in quantum. And ultimately, to take the next giant leap towards the quantum future.

Category Design

The quantum market was all about solving big problems and spoke very high-level. The big promise rather than the 'what'.

The play here was focused on introducing this groundbreaking new category, one that gives a big push to the entire quantum market.

We chose Quantum Algorithm Design - because it lets quantum researchers realize and translate their algorithms without having to take care of the infrastructure below. So instead of engineering they now design with a high level of abstraction.

We paired Quantum Algorithm Design with the acronym of 'Q.A.D' to make this new concept really feel like it's grounded in academia or science.

Quantum Algorithm Design

The Visual Narrative

By mirroring Classiq’s software function, we built the heart of the brand around the familiar mechanism of a music box, where two dimensional paper sheets get fed into a cylinder to produce another dimension: music. By likening quantum algorithm design to music, we were able to hit the different variations and notes of the company’s brand-new bold language.

Creative Work




Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Offering Structure, Messaging, Brand Identity