“Make service feel like magic”

Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Messaging, Visual Identity

The Strategic Narrative

There are two types of service in this world.

There’s most service, which is just “average”. It may get the job done. But the experience? Nothing special.

But every now and then, lightning strikes, the stars align, and something incredible happens. We deliver truly “magic” service. The kind of service experiences that make customers say WOW—

How’d they know to reach out before I called to complain?
How is every technician they send even better than the last?
How’d they come to solve one rare problem, but then manage to find and fix ten more while they were at it?

Sure, we deliver magic service moments like these. Sometimes. Randomly. Occasionally. But to consistently make magic happen with every single service interaction? Get out of here. That’s impossible... Right?

Well, what if it wasn’t? What if service was pure magic?

Presenting, Aquant – Make Service Feel Like Magic

Aquant gives service leaders, reps and teams the critical info they need, exactly when they need it. So, they’re ready to deliver magic service experiences. Always.

You’re intrigued. But what's behind the curtain, you ask? It's Service Intelligence. Aquant understands all your service data in context, automatically transforming unstructured data into structured data, and pulling the most vital information for every situation. Now, you completely eliminate escalations, technicians solve every service problem and together create a whole new level of service experience… just like that.

Keep delivering experiences like these, and that’s when the real magic begins.

Service goes from simply solving problems to creating entirely new business opportunities. Suddenly, we stop thinking about cutting costs, and start actually driving revenue. We go from putting out fires, to lighting up customers’ smiles and igniting lasting loyalty. Service transforms right before your eyes from mere maintenance, to pure magic.

Aquant – Make Service Feel Like Magic

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Category Design

Aquant gathers all your service data, analyzes it using Service AI, and gives service leaders, technicians and agents the critical info they need, exactly when they need it.

The category move was simple but effective – we needed to bring the new 'gospel' of intelligence to the legacy market of field service.

We called this Service Intelligence.

Service Intelligence

The Visual Narrative

Aquant’s Magic Swoosh symbolizes the magic experiences the brand provides – built from service intelligence data and years of field experience, empowering and providing critical info, right when it's needed.

The Swoosh empowers service leaders with Service Intelligence. It also empowers service elements, such as machines, work environments and service assets. Depicting how the magic applies to everything from the smallest service tools to the machines to the people who use them.

Aquant’s logo is a letter mark of the letter A and was inspired by the ‘mobius strip’ – an infinite loop. This symbolizes the infinite, smooth magical service experience which is at the heart of the brand.



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Strategic Narrative, Category Design, Messaging, Visual Identity